Graham Neubig

Graham Neubig

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I am an Assistant Professor at the Carnegie Mellon University Language Technology Institute. If you are at CMU or will be there soon and are interested in the research areas that I work on (for example: machine translation, multilinguality, machine learning for NLP, language and source code), feel free to send a note.


My research focuses on handling human languages (like English or Japanese) with computers, so called natural language processing. In particular, I am interested in machine learning approaches that are both linguistically motivated, and tailored to applications such as machine translation and speech recognition. You can find more details, research page or publications page.

I like developing, and have created open-source software which I have summarized here: software page. I also have had a chance to give tutorials and talks on subjects such as machine translation, neural networks, and language modeling, which are posted on my teaching page in the hope that people will find them useful.

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